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Why Sign Up?

  • No setup costs;
  • Pay as you go model;
  • Easy to use system;
  • The Vehicle Damage Assessment System (VDA) provides a graphical view of the vehicle for fast indication of damage;
  • Multiple points of impact can be captured;
  • Industry standard units and costs are used;
  • Costs can be amended;
  • Costs of parts can be captured;
  • Full vehicle assessment history is stored;
  • Job cards and quotes can be created; and
  • The system can be accessed from anywhere.

What is VDA?

The Vehicle Damage Assessment System (VDA) is an integrated system for assessing the damage to vehicles and includes South African industry standard cost and time units for quoting purposes.

The system provides a graphical view of the vehicle to indicate areas of impact and will highlight related areas for dissembling, repairs and paint blending.

The system stores all assessments done for future use and analysis. And easy to use system flow will guide you through the process of completing the assessments and create quotes and job cards.

The system allows for printing of assessments and job cards as well as emailing the documents to the clients or insurers.